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JUNIORS - 2016
Helmets + boxes at Dalton   ECB Junior Directives

Juniors are always welcome at Dalton Cricket Club.

Apart from low subscriptions and match fees you will find:

  • safe surroundings
  • friendly, family atmosphere
  • weekly practices
  • cricket played that upholds traditional values
  • 'shop' for buying club items

We encourage players to (a) enjoy the game of cricket, (b) improve their cricketing skills, and (c) play cricket in a fair, respectful and traditional way.

As a result, boys and girls are attracted from a wide area as well as localities such as Aintree, Maghull, Newburgh, Parbold, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, and Upholland of course.

New to Cricket ?
If you are new to cricket go to the New2cricket page.

The Club has had junior sides in the Southport & District ACL ( for several years.
See below for details of fixtures, practice evenings and contact numbers.

Junior Coaching Practices 2016.
Fridays 6pm.-8pm @ the Club.

Membership 2016
Junior Membership is open to all, including girls, who are under 18 at midnight on 31 August 2014, and all our juniors, no matter what age, pay the same subscriptions and match fees. No charge for practices.

Junior cricket shirts
1 x medium size, new, 'Slazenger', ¾ sleeve, latest mesh fibre (35% cotton/65% polyester), emboidered Dalton CC logo (see top of this page) - £12      (Image of shirt)
1 x youth's size (30/32"), new, 'Hunts County', ¾ sleeve, polyester, (no Dalton logo) - £12
Contact Dave Halsey if interested.

Club Logo
(see top of this page) can be embroidered on your cricket shirt,or sweater, T-shirt etc.
Contact Dave Halsey for current prices and discounts.

‘Clubmark’. Dalton Cricket Club has been granted Clubmark’ status - The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) ‘kitemark’ for a “safe, well-run and child-friendly” club. We have to maintain certain standards and in return expect all players to conform to a Code of Conduct.

Parents are encouraged to SSS - Stay, Support and Supervise their child.
An ECB 'Parental Guidance' sheet for children's cricket is available from the Club. ,

Batsmen Punished by magistrate
The following appeared in the Darlington & Stockton Times.

'Robert Boyes (aged 12) and Laurence Brown (13) of Northallerton were charged with stealing 2 cricket bats ... from a basket of bats outside the shop of stationer Mr.W.H. Smithson on the 25th.
Afterwards the boys sold the bats.....
As they had pilfered from other shops, the magistrate ordered them to be sent to gaol for 14 days, and after to a reformatory school for 5 years.' More info

Scorers. Every cricket match needs a 'scorer' - someone to accurately record the score in a book.
Although it is a very important job, it can be done by juniors as well as adults, and has many advantages -

  • it pays £5-£10 !
  • a free tea
  • improves your maths
  • improves your neatness
  • visit other grounds
  • free transport to matches
  • safe environment
  • learn more about cricket
Start by sitting alongside an experienced scorer and copy what they do.
Free tuition given to anyone genuinely interested. See Dave Halsey.

Helmets + boxes at Dalton
Dalton Cricket Club’s policy: -       Helmets and boxes must be worn by U’18 players when batting, or standing up to the stumps when keeping wicket, when using a hard cricket ball, in any matches or practices.

[ECB new guidance Mar 2009 :
" parental consent 'not to wear a helmet' should not be accepted in any form of cricket"]
        As can be seen from above, this directive has been in force at Dalton for several years now. It also extends to opposing teams at Dalton.
ECB Directives/Regulations/Guidance for matches involving Junior players
Age group
["Age group = age at midnight 31 Aug preceding the season of play"]
e.g. if child is under 13 on that 'night' (e.g.U13 on 31 Aug 2012) , then they are in the U13 group for 2013. Same for U11s, U15s, U18s etc.etc.
[Usually U'11s are Yr 6 and below ; U'15s = Yr 10 + below ; U'18s = Yr 13 + below]

Names and dates of birth of any U’18 players in the team should be given to umpires and opposing captains before the start of the match.

ECB Directives
Fast bowling (†) for junior players - 2013
Age grp →  U13U14,U15U16,U17,U18,U19Rest period between spells =
Max ovrs/spell 5 6 7at least same no. overs from same end
Max ovrs/day 10 1218-----
(†) Fast bowler = bowler to whom a wicket keeper, in normal circumstances and same age group, would stand back to take the ball.
ECB website explanation for changes and feedback.

ECB Regulations
Fielding restrictions (excepting slips)
U13not less than 11 yards from the bat
U15not less than 8 yards from the bat
U16-U18Helmet + box if less than 6yds from the bat

ECB Guidelines
Juniors in Open Age (i.e. Adult) competitive cricket
U12 - Yr 7should not play.
U13 - Yr 8can play, but (a) need prior written parental consent
(b) if considered by UKCC2+ coach as appropriate
O13 - Yr 9can play.

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