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23rd Oct 2018 - Reminder'Diary Dates' for Oct/Nov 2018
Oct 23rd (Tues) - 'Cut off day' - for :-
    (i) Nominations for Officers (in writing to Secretary received 14 days in advance of AGM date, proposed and Seconded by 'Senior Members'- must have fully paid their Subs for the season)
    (ii) Other items to be discussed (also in writing to the Secretary received .... as above)
Nov 6th (Tues) - Club AGM - 8pm @ tba
Nov 15th (Thurs) - S&DACL AGM - 7.30pm @ Fleetwood Hesketh CC

12 Oct 2018 - S&D ACL proposed Divisions Format for 2019
(i) 35 teams (from 21 Clubs) in 3 Divisions, in alphabetical order.
  [2018 season had 36 teams from 22 clubs in 3 divisions]
  [2016 season had 42 teams from 22 clubs in 4 divisions]
(iii) Symbols:
  (a) = promoted from Division below.
  (b)(from Liv Comp) = new club from another league.
  (c) = relegated from Division above.

Prem (Div 1) (12 teams)

  • Aigburth 1  
  • Birkenhead St.Mary's 1
  • Cheshire Lines 1
  • Earlestown  
  • Halsall W.E. 1
  • Hesketh Bank 1
  • Merseyside C.C.C.C.
  • Mossley Hill 1
  • New Victoria 1
  • Newburgh 1
  • Prescot & Odyssey 1
  • Skelmersdale 1   (from Liv Comp)

  • Div 2 (12 teams)
  • Aughton 1
  • Birkenhead St.Mary's 2
  • Churchtown
  • Dalton 1
  • Goose Green 1  
  • Haydock
  • Merseyside C.C.C.C. 2 (new)
  • New Victoria 2  
  • Prescot & Odyssey 2
  • Skelmersdale 2   (from Liv Comp)
  • Whitefield 1
  • Winstanley Park 1

  • Div 3 (11 teams)
  • Aigburth 2
  • Bedford Park  
  • Cheshire Lines 2  
  • Dalton 2
  • Goose Green 2
  • Halsall W.E. 2
  • Hesketh Bank 2
  • Moss Side Maghull
  • Mossley Hill 2
  • Whitefield 2
  • Winstanley Park 2
  • 11th Oct. More details for Awards Evening
    Reminder of Awards evening on Sat 20th Oct at Parbold W.I. including live music, food (hot pot + apple pie), raffle etc so don't forget to bring :
    (a) your liquid refreshments,
    (b) your wallet,
    (c) raffle prizes,
    (d) your AGM nominations (proposer + seconder) for Club officers, captains, Vice-captains. Cut-off date is Tues 23 Oct (2 weeks before the AGM) as per the Club's constitution i.e. cannot be 'waived' on the night.

    2nd Oct. Diary Dates for Oct/Nov 2018
    Oct 2nd (Tues) - Management Committee meeting - 8pm @ Pr. William Inn. [Important meeting to include 'winter work, indoor nets, Awards evening, Club AGM (nominations, items for business, subs + match fees 2019), S&DACL AGM agenda - if available]
    Oct 16th (Tues) - last day for members to be told/given 21 days notice of Club AGM Agenda.
    Oct 20th (Sat) - Awards Evening - 8pm @ Parbold WI (bring raffle prizes and own liquid refreshments)
    Oct 23rd (Tues) - 'Cut off day' - for :-
        (i) Nominations for Officers (in writing to Secretary received 14 days in advance of AGM date, proposed and Seconded by 'Senior Members'- must have fully paid their Subs for the season)
        (ii) Other items to be discussed (also in writing to the Secretary received .... as above)
    Nov 6th (Tues) - Club AGM - 8pm @ tba
    Nov 15th (Thurs) - S&DACL AGM - 7.30pm @ Fleetwood Hesketh CC.

    27 Apr 2018 Beacon Lane closure
    Beacon Lane Closure

    "Beacon Lane Closure"

    This Council sign (taken today am 27 April 2018) is on Beacon Lane going up to the club from the Hall Green /Upholland end, but a few hundred yards before the Beacon Country car park entrance.
         Just where it starts and ends is unknown, and perhaps a call will establish this, but as Mon 30th April - Wed 16th May involves two Saturday home matches, both Dalton and opposition players / members could be affected, so perhaps the Club should inform them.

    New 100 ball format - April 2018
    The new ECB 100 ball format is: ".. aimed at mums and kids .. during the summer holidays...", "of 100 balls (15 x 6-ball overs + one 6-ball over i.e. 16 overs) ; "shorter than the current 20/20 format" ;"..make the game as simple as possible for them to understand."
          So how about a format of (14 x 7-ball + one 2-ball overs. It would have an exciting 'last 2 ball over'; take only 15 overs (instead of 16), and so the game is 'over and done with' even earlier, and everyone can go home to watch to watch an England team live on TV e.g. England Football or Rugby team. (They will of course be unable to watch live their National team playing their National summer game - England Test cricket)
      That hasn't been the case for years after Mr. E.C.B. Greed sold the 'cricket soul' which took live cricket off terrestial TV. Due to this lack of exposure and hence lack of interest (i) state schools no longer play cricket; (ii) grass roots cricket clubs no longer have junior sections ; (iii) junior leagues have folded or merged ; (iv) Clubs have several unused qualified cricket coaches. What a waste and is it any wonder 'mums and kids' don't understand our wonderful game of leg-glances, swing bowling, cover drives, forward defence, leg spin + googlies..... ?
      The solution now apparently is to convince the uninitiated that cricket is all about slogging the ball into the crowd - i.e. baseball.
    A reminder - Not only have grass roots cricket clubs and leagues been playing 20/20 cricket (16/16 in April) for about 40 years, but fixtures always ended before August-
    because mums and kids (+dads) disappear on their holidays !

    Teams must include a Degree qualified player
    Following the new Laws of Cricket 2017 (issued 1st Oct 2017) - which include a new Law 42 (Player's conduct) giving the 4 levels of offences and their signals to be given by the umpires, each team, from today, must now include a player who has been been awarded a 1st class Degree in Semaphore Interpretation
    - April Fül.

    Latest Cricket changes suggested by familiar name.
    Following recent decisions in cricket to (a) increase crowds, (b) make the game more exciting to those who don't understand it and (c) to get the game over with more quickly; a familiar name has proposed further changes ;

  • no draws, just win or loss
  • restrict innings lengths
  • clubs to be replaced by area teams e.g. Cleveland Commanches, Richmond Rabbits
  • teams reduced to 9 players
  • a batsman is out if he misses three fair balls
  • bowlers can bowl with a bent arm greater than 15 degrees
  • ball doesn't have to pitch, i.e. can be a full toss between shoulders and knees
  • fielders can wear a glove on one hand
  • home team bats last
  • For further suggestions, just google 'Baseball - basic rules'. (Posted by Avril Fül)

    Welding work.
    In cold,wet and windy weather, the welder spent over 6 hours repairing both container doors and security bar. Much appreciated Jacob (Upholland Blacksmiths)

    Club 'Family Evening' fundraising event .
    on 1st April has been cancelled due to lack of support. Mary G only received replies from 22 attenders (inc ⅓ non players) + 1 apology which was insufficient to cover the hire fee and food costs.
    The £10 deposit was forfeited. On Tuesday Mary tried to contact all those who wished to attend .

    Dalton CC members''digital contact' malfunction ?.
    It has been obvious for some weeks that Emails sent out from certain Club members asking for information have been mysteriously 'not received',e.g.

  • - Mary Gaskell required a simple Yes or No response to her request for numbers attending the Club's fundraising 'Family Evening' on 1st April.
  • - Dave Halsey requested information for the handbook : teams season summaries, phone numbers, confirmation of dates, teas, club events...

  • Replies via email, landline call, mobile phone call, text or even post would have sufficed.
    The malfuction is expected to 'disappear' just before 22nd April (when the season starts and availability is requested)

    Pre-season, non-TUPPO day
    Free Fees
    (Photo copyright David Halsey 2017)

    Taking advantage of the lovely Saturday weather, 3 members spend several hours (approx 8, 6, 3) checking machinery; cutting, rolling and marking the square; collecting outfield debris; cutting the outfield; pruning overhanging branches; flattening molehills.

    Break-in at the Club.
    Both containers were found broken into (probably last night Thurs 23 Mar) with no.2 doors and security bar badly damaged.
    Most of the equipment was intact, but repairs will be expensive.

    Harry models Dalton beanie
    Harry beanie
    (Photo copyright David Halsey 2017)

    "Harry beanie"
    Harry Radley sports the first ever Dalton CC beanie - after much cajoling with treats.
    Available from Dave Halsey for £7 including VAT and p+p - the beanie that is, not Harry (priceless)

    "Why bother"
    Since its inception (2001) this website has striven to avoid opinions and be an informative one only, for members of Dalton CC and other S&DACL clubs, regarding facts such as dates; times; changes in Laws, rules and regulations ; directions; contacts etc.
    The following are also facts, but first please read the item below, 'Santa visits Dalton CC with his reindeer - and camera', posted 28 Dec 2016.
    Covers damage
    (Photo copyright David Halsey - 27 Feb 2017)

    "Covers" - 27 Feb 2017
    After a lot of work by a member, a grant was obtained to buy and deliver the covers (frames, canvas tops and accessories) at a cost of £1,300-£1400.
    For several years it has been the reponsibility of the Dalton players of the team at the last home game to remove the tops + elasticated straps, and store them in the showers room.
    This is to prevent theft, vandalism or wind-damage (being nearly 600' high the latter is often the case in winter), and hence done to reduce insurance rises after a claim.
    This was not done at the end of last season (2016) although it was pointed out to the Management Committee in November and a posting (with photos) put on this website (see below 28 Dec)

    This photo, and that below, is the result after 'Storm Doris' on Thurs 23 Feb 2017.
    An examination today (27 Feb) shows that 2 of the tops have been ripped, and one of the frames may be twisted.

    Garage Door damage
    (Photo copyright David Halsey - 27 Feb 2017

    "Garage doors" - 27 Feb 2017

    For the same reasons as above, plus the probability of the wind rocking the garage doors and snapping the cross members, the garage doors should have been stored, face inwards, on the side and rear of containers 1 +2, to avoid the Dalton 'doers' having to clean and repaint them at the beginning of the season and hence incurring more expense to the club for materials.This was not done for this garage door.
    Again, this was pointed out to the Management Committee in November and a posting put on this website on 28 Dec, but nothing changed.

    The examination today shows that the garage door has been twisted with one of its supporting spars being broken.
    The photo also reveals how much all the garage doors and fencing need to be repainted.

    Today's rain also showed that the external shower (see below) is not only still there, but in perfect working order.

    Santa visits Dalton CC with his reindeer - and camera on 28 Dec 2016

    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 28 Dec 2016)

    "Christmas Day"

    Santa visited Dalton CC, but even with assistance from his reindeer, they couldn't put away the plastic covers into the showers room (used to be done at the last home match, to prevent wind damage as in previous winters). Nor could they move the sightscreen back to the pavilion - another last match duty- (to prevent the wood embedded into the ground from rotting over winter - as it did last year)
    Quote needed from the Club's joiner.

    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 2016)

    "New Shower"

    Since November the Club now has a new external shower.
    Another quote from the Club's joiner ?

    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 10 Dec 2016)

    "Swinging in the wind"

    Since November, and probably before, the garage door has been left to swing in the winter gales to provide the opportunity for someone to repair any damage prior to the next season. Too difficult to move it next to the containers - as in previous years ?

    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 10 Dec 2016)

    "Left to deteriorate"

    A garage door sightscreen is left to deteriorate, as is the Pub gate Club information board (constructed by a Junior's grandfather) which was stored in the pavilion and container during the last season.

    Cricket Laws changes for 2017.
    According to the BBC and newspaper reports the 'MCC World Cricket Committee' is recommending the following changes to the Laws, for all levels of cricket (inc. grass roots) as from October 1st 2017 (i.e. NOT for next UK season) :-

  • Players can be sent off for (i) threatening an umpire; (ii) physically assaulting another player, umpire, official, or spectator (iii) any other act of violence on the field of play.
  • Bat edges and depths to have maximum sizes.
  • After the ball strikes a helmet being worn by a fielder or becoming trapped in same, catches and stumpings will now be permitted. (Striking an unattended helmet still incurs a penalty)
    [All to be approved by MCC Main Committee]

    Awards Evening success 2016.
    The Club's annual Awards presentation evening at Parbold Womens Institute on Sat 22 October was a great success with live entertainment, a quiz, a raffle, food and, team awards (batting, bowling and player of the season) The Hampson Cup was re-presented to 2nd XI captain John Stockley, and trophies given to the Final team and scorer.
    Thanks must go to (a) Matt Davies (m/c and quizmaster) Dave Gaskell, Mary Gaskell, Sue Bain, Jackie Hart for various duties, (b) Richard Hart and Richy Whitehead (entertainment) and (c) all those players and friends who attended.
    The well-attended and very enjoyable evening increased club funds and produced an excellent club-bonding atmosphere, so it is intended to hold a similar event just prior to the start of the 2017 season.

    Awards Evening
    now on Sat 22 October (not Fri 21 Oct) @ Parbold WI [WN8 7HA] at 7.30pm (prompt start). Tickets cost £6 which covers food (hot pot + apple pie & cream) and hire of the venue. There will also be a Quiz, a Raffle and Entertainment. Bring your own drinks. Free parking adjacent to the Hall.
    Raffle prizes are needed and can be brought on the evening.
    Please help Mary Gaskell to order sufficient food by contacting her for number of tickets required (01695 624420 inc answering machine). Captains of 1sts, 2nds, 3rds should be contacting playing members for number of tickets required.
    The club will be hosting the Parbold Flea market on a Sunday in February 2017.
    This season the club had 19 'unplayed' matches due to rain or 'opposition unable to raise a side', and hence lost 'match fees income' estimated to be at least £1,500, so please do your best to attend both events (and invite friends, plus pass this information to other members/ex-players etc,)

    Congratulations, Commiserations 1, Commiserations 2 (and sadness) and Concern- 2016
    to the 2nds who not only did the double (won the Hampson Cup and their league (Div 3)- the latter undefeated-, but also perhaps achieved a unique treble by doing the 'double' three times in the last 16 seasons (2001, 2013, 2016)

    Commiserations 1
    to the 1st XI who finished bottom of the Premier Division recording two wins.

    Commiserations 2 (and sadness)
    3rd XI
    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 2016)

    "The last 3rd XI team"

    Back (L-R) Sean Friday, Chris Cheetham, Steve Parry, Ken Gossage, Peter Hale, Dave Halsey
    Front (L-R) Bill Waterworth, Steve Myers, Dave Jones (c) Brian Norbury

    Final 3rd XI match report
    3rd XI at home (Haydock CC) on Sat 10 Sept 2016 against Halsall West End 2nd XI.
    Put in on a damp, green and hence a lively pitch at times, and against a tight and varied attack, the 3rds not surprisingly made slow progress, so were pleased to reach their 50 overs with 4 batting points and a score of 103-8 (D. Halsey 40, S. Parry 28, P. Hale 11)
        Halsall WE started briskly against the 3rds 'Steve duo' bowling, but then lost wickets due to superb catches (S. Myers, S. Friday, C. Cheetham), and a D. Jones 'run out', before they claimed a 4 wicket victory at 104-6 (S. Parry 2-32, S. Myers 2-47, D. Jones 1-8, D. Halsey 0-9, P. Hale 0-2)
    The game, as expected against Halsall, was played in a superb spirit. Match Scorecard
        Hence the 3rd XI finished bottom of Division 4 without a win all season, and often had just two recognised bowlers, but all the players never gave up, the atmosphere was superb, and they always played the game in a fair, friendly and respectful manner, for which skipper David Jones must take most of the credit.

    In the 2016 season Dalton CC were the last club in the Southport & District ACL to be able to field a 3rd XI, and in spite of suffering the cumulative effect of cry-offs from the 1sts and 2nds, they can proudly claim they never conceded a match - even two Premier Division clubs conceded 'unable to raise a 1st XI side'.
        Considering Dalton CC's location (nearly 600' high on an isolated hilly area with no nearby population or schools, and only a bungalow and 2 pubs as neighbours) this is quite a proud achievement. However, like many other grass-roots clubs, problems re 'player unavailability' and 'lack of junior participation' have dramatically increased, especially over the last 3 years.
         Dalton CC is no exception, so regretfully the Club has decided not to enter a 3rd XI in the future, thus ending a 40 year continuous run which has given fun and encouragement, and opportunities to all ages from U15s to O'70s to play cricket at grass roots level. So sad.

    for the future of all 'grass roots' amateur cricket.

    Hampson Cup Final 2016
    Dalton 2nd XI v. New Victoria 2nd XI Sun 10 June
    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 2016)

    "12.54pm at Prescot & Odyssey CC"

    James Capstick (3rd left, Dalton CC) convinces Matthew Partington (1st left, capt New Vic) and Gordon Halsall (in between, umpire) that the Final can be switched to Dalton CC straightaway. They agree.
    Also can be seen: Thomas Capstick, Dave Gaskell, Bill Waterworth, Ray Partington and the club's current mascot - Austin the bulldog.

    Cup presentation
    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 2016)

    "Cup presentation"

    7 hours later, Dalton have beaten New Victoria by 38 runs and the cup is presented to Life member Bill Waterworth. L-R: R. Parkin, G. Halsall, Bill, Dave Gaskell, H Cheema, H Qamruddin.
    [Has Dave Gaskell temporarily changed his 'hat' of vice-chairman for that of 'Recruitment Officer' and used the opportunity to ask Roland if he wants to become a member of Dalton Cricket Club ?]

    Dalton CC 2nds
    (Photo copyright D. Halsey 2016)

    "Dalton CC 2nds"

    Back L-R: B. Chapman, P. Bain, D. Gaskell, J. Capstick, J. Roberts, O.Roberts, H. Tonge, D.Jones.
    Front L-R: H. Cheema, W. Waterworth, J. Stockley (c), H. Qamruddin

    Notes: (i) Ben and David have some washing to do. (ii) Only one Dalton CC logo on display. Dave Halsey can get your shirt /sweater/ jock strap embroidered (first class job) with the Dalton logo for just £4. See DH with your money + clothing item - washed !.

    Points of interest
    (i) 2016 - Dalton 2nds 145 all out, New Victoria 107 all out. Match Scorecard
    (ii) Dalton 2nds' previous appearance in the Hampson Cup Final was in 2013 - the opposition was also New Victoria 2nds.
    (iii) who batted first and were all out for 107 (as they were in 2016).

    Congratulations to all the Dalton 2nds players and many, many thanks to the many non-players who at the last minute (literally) contributed to preparing the pitch + outfield, arranged teas, provided cups of tea, put out the benches + electronic scoreboard + etc, and not least the league for sanctioning the change and New Victoria CC players for accepting the switch of venue to Dalton.
    The league later sent a thank you.

    Dalton teams 11 June
    1st XI (H) v. New Vic 1sts; RW(c), SR(vc), Pete B, ConB, MattD, CSt, JamesC, SyedS, JSt(w), Mark Sc, HarvT. Teas ?
    2nd XI (A) v. Moss. Hill 2nds; JeffRob(c), AT(vc), HQ, Joe T, ORob, HCh, GW, RBas, APrice(w), Matt Hopper, MorganR.
    3rd XI (A) v. Hesk Bk 2nds; DJ(c), SP(vc), BN(w), Alan B, DH, SteM, JayM, Alb B, JSpear, JFath, WW.

    Dalton CC v. MRH
    Thanks to Mr Jiva for the sponsorship as ever.
    MRH team

    "MRH team"

    JK player of the game for MRH – 2 wickets and nearly saw MRH home for a win.

    Hasan Qamruddin + Albert Bain

    "Hasan Qamruddin + Albert Bain"

    Dalton CC team

    "Dalton CC team"

    The afternoon was combined with an informal Former Player's reunion and several ex-players (e.g. Arthur Ball, Ken Derbyshire) can be seen in the background of the photos above.

    "Receipts + Reminders"
    1. Receipts are now available for those who have fully paid their subscriptions (all classes).
    As in previous years the receipt has a section that needs to be signed by the member that they accept the Club’s Constitution and Codes of Conduct.
    2. Reminders
    (i) that subscriptions are to be paid before 1st June, with discounts of £10 (Full) and £5 (Concessionaries) if paid on/before 1st May
    (ii) that all new members, or those rejoining, must complete a Membership Form (as agreed at a pre-season 2016 Committee Management meeting) which must be handed to a Committee member as soon as possible.

    Ground Inspection.
    Carol's corner


    On Saturday afternoon, a group,(Arthur Ball, Bill Waterworth, Dave Halsey and later Jimmy Green) checked the ditch, square, outfield and boundary edges, resulting in Arthur's return on Monday to remove some overhanging branches and tidying up 'Carol's Corner'.
    Many, many thanks Arthur.
        The Group easily managed to avoid the hordes of players who, having already made themselves available for 5 hours for the 1st cricket match that afternoon (which was subsequently cancelled), nevertheless turned up on the Saturday afternoon to prepare the pavilion and outfield etc.
    Their names follow:-

    Pre-season work carries on.

    "One week to go"

    With only one week to go, the sightscreen frame gets a much needed re-paint and some new slats refitted (thanks to Dave Gaskell and Steve Parry).
    Meanwhile on the square James Capstick spends 4 hours cutting, spreading weed/feed + mosskiller, before marking the pitches.
        It's definitely more productive and less disrespectful than waiting for replies to his emails asking members for vital information in order for the club to avoid fixture cancellations by the league.
    Later on Richy Whitehead rolled the square.

    Round the pavilion
    Jobs that need doing prior to the start of the season, and hence the opportunity for those who have been unable to attend the CricketForce 3 day session last weekend.
    Spectator's area

    "Spectator's area"

    Work required - The area needs strimming and the benches need sanding and 'Ronsealing'.
    Other requirements - Materials (available at the club), and time and commitment from Dalton members.

    Pavilion rear

    "Pavilion rear"

    Work required - Scrub needs removing, fallen tree needs sawing up for bonfire - before the vandals do it.
    Other requirements - Strimmer, hedge cutter, saws, and time and commitment from Dalton members.

    Gutter Grass

    "Gutter Grass"

    Work required - Grass needs removing - already causing mould on internal walls.
    Other requirements - Ladder, gardening trowel, and time and commitment from Dalton members.

    Sightscreen frame

    "Sightscreen frame"

    Work required - Frame needs sanding down + painting prior to new boards being fitted.
    Other requirements - Sandpaper/emery/wet & dry paper, Hammerite paint (green), brushes - and time and commitment from Dalton members.

    Hallway light

    "Hallway light"

    Work required - Wiring needs changing to 2-way switches as can only be operated from one end. (problem now 5 years old)
    Other requirements - Screwdiver, wire strippers - and time and commitment from Dalton electrical members.

    CricketForce 2016
    Summary shot

    "Summary view of the work done"

    Friday - The square was measured, marked and treated with 'weed, feed and mosskiller'. The sightscreen's rotted wood was removed.
    Saturday - More rotting sightscreen wood removed and new battens were attached.
    Sunday - Covers and hoses were put back on the covers frames.

    Thanks on (Fri) to James Capstick, Dave Halsey, Dave Gaskell ;(Sat) John Stockley, Ben Chapman, James Capstick, Steve Parry, Dave Gaskell, Tony Tonge;
    (Sun) Richy Whitehead, Steve Rigby, Paul Bain, Brian Norbury, Alan Burton, Kieran Burton, Connor Burton, Dave Halsey, Dave Gaskell

    Painted boards

    "Sightscreen boards"

    Sunday 3 April and the new sightscreen 'half-boards' have been 'glossed' and left to dry in the changing room.
    They now await to be attached to the mobile sightscreen by......

    (The League is now requiring from each Club before they can play this season, a 'Club Profile' survey on facilities, including the condition of sightscreens.)

    Match Ball Sponsor's board

    "Match Ball Sponsor's board"

    The Match Ball Sponsor's board can now be displayed properly alongside the Sponsor's advert for every home match.
    It now takes just 2 minutes to slot in the oppononets name, a sponsor's advert and put up both boards as shown.

    In 2016 our Match Ball and Handbook Sponsors will contribute over £700 if we display their adverts.

    Other jobs done over the weekend were :- sorting out the kit room and container no.1, repairing the verandah light, priming sightscreen wood,
    There is next weekend (Sat+Sun, 9/10 April) for other 'members' to carry on the work to be done (e.g. note, in the first photograph, that the spectators' bench needs sanding down and 'Ronsealing'. (available at the club). Other jobs - remove broken branches from outfield, removing grass from rear pavilion gutter, removal of rubbish between container no.1 and the pavilion, cleaning + painting garage doors,....

    "Cricket is dangerous"
    Following the recent report suggesting the banning of tackling in rugby for health and safety reasons, a similar report has been issued today (April 1) regarding cricket and the deliberate bowling of a ‘hard 5½oz. missile towards a person’ (e.g. a batsman).
    The report suggests therefore that in future “(i) the traditional cricket ball shall be replaced by a tennis ball and (ii) the ball shall be aimed either outside the off stump or leg stump, but not at the wicket.”Authoress – Avril Fül.

    "Magnificent Dozen successful "
    A financially successful hosting of the Parbold Flea Market on Sunday 28 Feb was possible due to 12 people [4 non-members, 1 non-playing member and 7 playing members. The 12 were Jean + Arthur Ball, Sue + Albert Bain, Mary + Dave Gaskell, Dave Halsey, John Stockley, Peter Barton, Steve Parry, Brian Norbury and Bill Waterworth, carrying out the duties of carparking, entrance door, tombola and the kitchen cooking etc.
    Special thanks to Sue for home-made cakes and a cracking hotpot.

    "2016 Fixtures format for Dalton teams"
    Team Div Cup League
    1st XI Prem (Div 1) Sun 8 May Sats 16 Apr - 10 Sept
    2nd XI Div 3 * Sats 16 Apr - 7 May Sats 14 May - 10 Sept
    3rd XI Div 4 # Sats 23 Apr - 4 June Sats 11 June - 10 Sept
    Dates in red are the first match of the season for that team.

    Sandhurst Shield - Sun 8 May v New Victoria 1st (A)
    * Hampson Cup - 2 grps x 5 teams, with first 4 Sat fixtures being Cup matches played to league format.

  • Semi-finals - Sun 15 May for group winners (H) + runners up.
  • Final - Sun 10 July
  • # Leyland Trophy - 1 grp x 8 teams, with first 7 Sat fixtures being Cup matches played to league format.
  • Semi-finals - Sun 12 June for first 4 places, with winners + runners up at Home.
  • Final - Sun 10 July

  • "Don Watkinson"
    It is with great sadness (Dalton CC’s and personal) that I have to give the news that Don Watkinson has passed away after contracting pneumonia.
    Don was a club legend, being one of the group of players who got the club going again after World War 2, a superb cricketer, later Chairman and Life Member.
    He was also a gentleman. Current members have a great deal to thank him for, even though they may not have known him.
    Don's funeral will be on Tues 26 Jan 11.30am at Digmoor Methodist Church, Daniels Lane, Skelmersdale. WN8 9NH. Daniels Lane is opposite the Fire Station.

    "S&D ACL Divisions Format for 2016"
    42 teams (from 22 Clubs) in 4 Divisions, in alphabetical order.
    Prem (Div 1) (12 teams)

  • Birkenhead St.Mary's 1
  • Cheshire Lines 1
  • Dalton 1
  • Halsall W.E. 1
  • Haydock
  • Hesketh Bank 1
  • Hindley St. Peters 1
  • Moorfield 1
  • New Victoria 1
  • Newburgh 1
  • Norley Hall 1
  • Prescot & Odyssey 1

  • Div 2 (12 teams)
  • Aigburth 1
  • Aughton 1
  • Birkenhead St.Mary's 2
  • Churchtown
  • Earlestown
  • Goose Green 1
  • Hindley St. Peters 2
  • Merseyside Commonwealth
  • Moss Side, Maghull
  • Mossley Hill 1
  • Whitefield 1
  • Winstanley Park 1

  • Div 3 (10 teams)
  • Aigburth 2
  • Aughton 2
  • Dalton 2
  • Goose Green 2
  • Moorfield 2
  • Mossley Hill 2
  • New Victoria 2
  • Newburgh 2
  • Norley Hall 2
  • Prescot & Odyssey 2

  • Div 4 (8 teams)
  • Bedford Park
  • Bretherton 2
  • Cheshire Lines 2
  • Dalton 3
  • Halsall W.E. 2
  • Hesketh Bank 2
  • Whitefield 2
  • Winstanley Park 2
  • "ECB announces new safety measures for helmets".
    ECB is recommending that all recreational cricketers wear helmets (as currently for U18 batsmen + w’keepers) which meet the latest British safety standard (BS7928:2013) from next season, with full details and amended regulations being published in the New Year.
    The ‘8 yard helmet’ rule appears to be recommended for the professional game only. ECB announcement

    "Dalton Fundraising Event 2016".
    Dalton CC will be 'hosting' the Parbold Flea Market on Sun 28 Feb 2016, so all members (playing, junior, social, Life members) are asked to donate either prizes for the profit-making tombola stall, or give an 'in lieu' donation of cash or a cheque. Any of the 3 can be dropped off at Mary Gaskell's (see handbook or Contacts page).
    Cheques -'Dalton Cricket Club';    Cash - Mary will purchase a suitable prize,     examples of prizes - chocolates, toiletries (male + female), stationery, games, small gifts/toys, unwanted Christmas presents, batteries.....
    Members are also needed to help on the day for various duties. The more that turn up, the least each has to do.
    Could Dalton users of 'Twitter' and/or 'Facebook' please spread the word and link to this page ?

    "S&D Club changes for 2016 season."

  • Southport Trinity (promoted to Liv Comp)
  • Tarleton (moving to Palace Shield)
  • Portland Wine (folded)

  • Arriving
  • Birkenhead St. Marys (from Liv Comp)
    Arriving back
  • Cheshire Lines 2nds
  • Bretherton 1sts

  • 2015

    "Happy weekend for 2nds and 3rds."
    Congratulations to :-
    (a) James Capstick on his maiden half-century (52no) in the 2nd XI's 30-run victory over Earlestown 1st XI, (details)
    (b) David Jones on his maiden half-century (58) against Halsall West End 2nd XI in the very satisfying draw for Dalton 3rd XI - "Granddad's Army" (3 x 70+ year olds, + 2 x 60+'s), (details)
    (c) Two of the latter who celebrated their birthdays on the following day.

    "‘100’ club details"
    1. Choose a number - or numbers - not already taken.
    2. Agree to pay £2 per number, by standing order every month (£2) / quarter (£6) /or annually (£24)
        Also by cheque (payable to ‘Dalton CC') for whole year only.
    3. Winner drawn at the Club’s monthly Management Meeting ( usually 2nd Tuesday of the Month)
    4. Cash prize to be 50% of total takings at that draw. Remaining 50% to go to club funds, e.g.
       if 20 members take up 1 number, monthly prize = £20.
       if 20 members take up 2 numbers, monthly prize = £40.(Cost to member = just under £1 per week)
       if 20 members take up 2 numbers, and 1 friend each takes 1 number each, prize = £60 per month
    5. Records of details (spreadsheet) of all numbers and names (+ winners) to be kept + maintained by club.

    Rules, Application forms, and Standing Order forms obtainable from James Capstick (Club Welfare Officer) on jcaps(at) sky (dot)com or any committee member.

    "Reflect and react ?"
    This website started in July 2001 with the sole intention of supplying useful information to members of Dalton and other clubs e.g. fixtures, directions to other clubs, rule changes for Club + League, registration procedures, MCC Law changes and interpretations, Junior bowling directives, umpires courses, League AGM dates + venues etc. etc.
    Comments and opinions were restricted only to match reports, and even those were an edited collection of comments by players in the match and/or spectators watching. The reports were acknowledged as such.
    No complaints were ever received by the League or the club, but following a Club Selection meeting on 10 Sept 2013, match reports have not appearred. From 2014 this website will see some changes to its content and format, to reflect changes in internet communications, decisions and attitudes.
    ‘Owzat will continue to give brief information on various relevant items, sometimes with links to ‘More info’.
    ‘Fixtures’ will continue to give the current season’s league and cup fixtures for all Dalton teams (senior and junior) plus Friendlies, and include a ‘Result Summary’ e.g. won – 35 runs.
    ‘Results, Reports and Tables’ will change. In future ‘Results’ and ‘Tables’ will give a link to the Southport & District ACL website.
    Match reports compiled by Dalton and/or the opposition might appear on the S&D website on the ‘Matches / Results’ section. The author(s) should be identified.
    Eventually the ‘Results, Reports and Tables' page will be removed.

    "1st April Taster"
    1st April Taster'

    "Thank You"
    Dalton CC player Danny Thomas is getting married in March and is moving to the 'right' (!) side of the Pennines, so he's left the following message :-
        "I want to say a big thank you to all involved in making my time playing at Dalton a really enjoyable one. Being part of a club where you could enjoy a game of cricket on a Saturday instead of trying every dirty tactic to try and win a game like some other clubs do has made me proud to represent the club. Its family and friendly ethos is what makes the club, and I congratulate everyone involved in helping to shape the club this way. I've met some really great guys these past few years and for the club to put me through to get my coaching badge is something I really appreciate. I'm aware the club is going through some really tough financial troubles which I hope they come through, whilst at the same time you keep going in the friendly spirit of play that Dalton is known for.
        Anytime I'm back down this way I'll be sure to head over to the club for a catch up and to watch you guys again!
    A big thanks once again to everyone!"

    More MCC laws videos
    No ball      Boundary catching      LBW     
    in addition to previous two:      Wide Ball      and      Running out non-striker.

    Answer to Q1. They all need either repairing, re-painting, replacing or refurbishment by members.


    Tom's hundred
    Tom '100th run'

    "Tom's hundred"

    Tom smashes another ball to the boundary for his 100th run (and maiden ton) on Sat 3 Aug 2013 for Dalton 2nd XI against Haydock 2nd XI at Dalton.
        By an amazing coincidence (and quick reactions) the above photo was taken by spectator, and Tom's friend David Standing, before he then 'caught' the same ball one-handed !

    Tom scored 107 in an overwhelming 167 run win, and the following day was part of the Dalton 2nd XI that beat New Victoria 2nd XI in the Final of the Division 3 'Hampson Cup'. What a memorable Tom weekend !

    (Copyright DS 2013)

    And more snow
    Dalton drift

    "Dalton drift"

    The astonishing scene that confronted James Capstick on the afternoon of Friday 22 Mar 2013 -
    before the heavy snowfall that followed that night !

    The decision to postpone CricketForce weekend to April 6/7 had wisely been taken only the day before - Thursday.

    First fixture - in 3 weeks time.

    (Copyright JNC 2013)


    Dalton's snow barrier proves very effective, but tests the club's 'Open access' policy.

    [Mon 25 March Copyright DIH]


    "At last it's stopped raining"

    [Mon 25 March Copyright DIH]

    2013 Mar 28

    Fixture Secretary considers game against 'British Antarctic Survey' team.

    [Thu 28 March Copyright JNC]

    2013 Mar 28

    The outfield has to be cut, and treated with 'weed, feed and mosskiller', whilst the square cut, scarified, spiked, cut again, marked, .........
    In 7 days time - 'CricketForce' ? (or 'CricketFarce' ?) ;
    In 14 days time - Cup match ?

    [Thu 28 March Copyright JNC]

    2013 Mar 29

    Getting out is harder then getting in.
    (MRH Solicitors start sending out forms for injury claims ?)

    [Fri 29 Mar Copyright DIH]

    2013 Mar 29

    The green line denotes the boundary.

    [Fri 29 Mar Copyright DIH]

    5 April 2013

    Pre-season 2013

    Friday 5 April - and still a foot deep !

    [Fri 5 Apr 2013 Copyright JNC]

    Answer to Q2. It is a nominated pre-season weekend when members appear to prepare the club's outfield, square, pavilion and surroundings for the coming season. This year, 2016, it will be on Sat/Sun 2nd/3rd April - the weekend after Easter weekend.

    Reminder to 'Scorers
    When totalling up the 'end-of-innings' scores:
    (i) Batting score = batsmens runs + extras (i.e. byes + leg byes + wides + no balls)
    (ii) Bowlers 'score' = bowlers runs + extras (i.e. byes + leg byes only ).[The wides + no balls are already included in the bowlers runs.]
    Hence : Batting score (i) = Bowler's score (ii)
    N.B. Some scorebooks can be misleading regarding the above.
    Final reminder for beginners - a run out is not credited to the bowler, although the name of the fielder responsible is now often 'bracketed' under 'run out' in the How Out column.

    The three 'R's in cricket ? All cricketers have Rights in the game of cricket, but also have Responsibilities that accompany those Rights.
    But greater than these two is Respect - respect for the game. the Laws and the opposition.
    The three 'R's. Anyone who does not show the third should be automatically stripped of the former two.[DIH 2012]

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