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This page contains items of interest regarding the:
Southport + District Amateur Cricket League
Southport + District Junior League   inc. (a) Cup draws; (b) friendlies

Southport + District Junior League
(now found on )

S+D Junior AGM 2012 - For 2013 major changes are :
(a) players to be registered before season on Club's website. Any additions to be added no later than 5 days after debut. Fine £10.
(b) Each match Result to be inputted on by both sides no later than 5 days after match.
Scorecards to be fully completed (minimum required to be notified by League Committee at later date) Fine £10.
Both clubs to confirm both Result and Scorecard.

S+D Junior Tables - 2012 (via S+D website, with permission)
Click on
Then click on 'Divisions' and choose your season on the rhs.

S+D Junior Cup Draws - 2012
As the S+D now also uses the 'fan' format for cup competitions this website's version will no longer be used. For the League version:
Click on
Then click on 'Cups' and choose your season on the rhs.

Southport + District Junior friendlies
For S+D Junior sides who have a free week, a bye or get knocked out of the 1st round of the cup, and want friendly games on the subsequent 2 or 3 vacant cup dates, this is an opportunity for clubs to contact and arrange matches between themselves.
Send e-mail (subject = s+d jfriendlies) to : daltoncc(at)merseymail(dot)com
with ; [a] date(s) required ; [b] club ; [c] contact details.
Please advise me (Dave Halsey) if a game has been arranged so that I can erase your details and you don't get pestered with fixture requests!
Date Club wanting fixture + contact

Date Club wanting fixture + contact
Wed 15 JulyDalton-Albert Bain - 0151 526 8096
Wed 22 JulyDalton-Albert Bain - 0151 526 8096

Date Club wanting fixture + contact

Date Club wanting fixture + contact

Archive request for any unwanted Southport & District ACL Handbooks for the following years ;

Contact Dave Halsey, tel: 01744 752252, if you can help.

Tables    S+D Cup draws     (S+D League Official website)

Tables - 2012 (via S+D website, with permission)
Div 1  Div 2  Div 3  Div 4

S+D ACL Cup Draws - 2013
have been announced on the League's website. The following are observations only ;

  • All fixtures are on Sundays
  • (a) All the Premier and Premier b Divsion clubs are in the Sandhurst Shield (SS).
    (b) The SS 1st round (not the Preliminary round) will be on Sunday 14 April, the weekend before the season starts, so check your diary.
  • (a) SS- 1st rd. Dalton 1sts at home to Merseyside Commonwealth Conference
    (b) HC- 1st rd. Dalton 2nds bye, then away to Haydock 2nds on 9 June at Longmeadow, Ruskin Park, St. Helens.
    (c) LT- 1st rd. Dalton 3rds at home to Crosby St. Mary's 2nds on 23 June

[As the League play-cricket website is now producing the cup draws in a 'fan' format, there is no point in repeating this website's original 'fan' version.]
S+D League website version :- (with permission)
Sandhurst Shield     Pochin Cup     Hampson Cup     Leyland Trophy
Divisions - 2013 (2nd version - 9 Jan)
The 2nd version of the 2013 league format has appeared on the league website. (1st was 16 Oct 2012)
There are no accompanying notes or comments so the following are just observations when comparing the two versions.
  • There are 7 'new clubs' and 15 new teams
    (a) Aigburth (1+2), Cheshire Lines (1+2), Crosby St. Mary's (1+2) Merseyside Commonwealth Conference (1), Moorfield (1+2), Mossley Hill (1+2). Westleigh (1+2)
    (b) Hindley St. Peters' (1+2)
    (c) Moorgate does not appear.
    (d) Southport College does not appear. It is unknown if they are Moorfield 2.
  • There are 5 Divisions - Premier Div (12 teams) ; Premier Div b (12) ; Division 2 (12) ; Division 3 (12) ; Division 4 (11) - Total 59 teams.
    -[N.B. there appears to be no Premier Div a, and there is no explanation as to the relationship of the two Premier Divisions i.e. stronger, weaker, same, geographical..]
  • Premier Division appears to be all 'S+D' clubs (+ Hindley St P's 1+2), whereas Premier Division b appears to be all the 'new Clubs' + some S+D clubs.
    All Premier Divisions teams are 1st XIs as agreed at the Nov AGM
  • For Dalton aficionados, the 1st XI is in the Premier Division, the 2nd string in Division 3 (in effect the 4th Division), and the 3rds in the 4th Division (5th Division)
  • 'Ups, Down & Ins' are below', signified by coloured arrows (key at end)
    Premier (- 12)
    Chorley St. James' 1
    Dalton 1
    Halsall WE 1
    Haydock 1
    Hesketh Bank 1
    Hindley St Peters 1
    Newburgh 1
    Norley Hall 1
    Prescot & Odyssey 1
    Rufford 1
    Southport Trinity 1
    Tarleton 1
    Premier b (- 12)
    Aigburth 1
    Aughton 1
    Cheshire Lines 1
    Crosby St. Mary's 1
    Merseyside Commonwealth Conference
    Moorfield 1
    Mossley HIll 1
    New Victoria 1
    Portland Wine
    Westleigh 1
    Whitefield (Roby) 1
    Winstanley Park 1
    Div 2 (- 12)
    Bretherton 1
    Earlestown 1
    Goose Green 1
    Hindley St Peters 2
    Moorfield 2
    Norley Hall 2
    Southport Trinity 2
    Tarleton 2
    Westleigh 2
    Winstanley Park 2
    Div 3 (- 12)
    Aigburth 2
    Aughton 2
    Bedford Park
    Bretherton 2
    Cheshire Lines 2
    Dalton 2
    Halsall WE 2
    Haydock 2
    Hindley St Peters 3
    Mossley HIll 2
    New Victoria 2
    Prescot & Odyssey 2
    Div 4 (- 11)
    Chorley St. James' 2
    Crosby St. Mary's 2
    Dalton 3
    Earlestown 2
    Goose Green 2
    Halsall WE 3
    Hesketh Bank 2
    Newburgh 2
    Rufford 2
    Tarleton 3
    Whitefield (Roby) 2

    come up from division below         come down from division above
    Clubs entering S+D                 Teams entering S+D
    Clubs/Teams lost from S+D :- Moorgate ?, Southport College ?
    Latest news from S+D League

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